Our Story

Greg and Regan are passionate about their Super Snacks. Greg is the genius behind the great taste and Regan is dedicated to design and development. Together they work to create delicious (really!) food that is nothing like anything out there.

From the meticulously chosen ingredients to the baking and packaging, there is no step left unattended. All made with the Urban Foods commitment to making wholesome Superfood snacks that are affordable and available to everyone, because everyone should have a chance to…Be Super.

Greg and Regan Durst at the Fancy Food Show 2017
Greg Durst

About Greg

Greg is a member of a California pioneer farming family and farmed for over ten years. In the mid 1980s he partnered with Dean & Deluca and an Italian olive oil/specialty food company to produce the original sun dried tomato product for the US market. In 1991 he was a founding partner in Culinary Farms, an ingredient company that provides tomato and chili products to major food manufacturers. Greg was responsible for the agricultural food processing operations and developing the food safety standards for plants in both Mexico and the US.

While at Culinary Farms, he invented and holds the process patent for Fire Roasted Tomatoes which are widely used in the food industry today. In 2008 he was a founding partner in the food packaging company Urban Foods, a co-packing operation for private label packaging. The company specializes in the packing of quinoa, chia, and rice for national retailers. By 2016 Urban Foods evolved into a snack food company with the emerging brands Superfood Bites and Sunkin Seeds as its primary business focus.

Greg and his son on their tractor
Regan Durst

About Regan

Regan started her business career at Fairway Farms, the family farming operation, focusing on sales and marketing for fresh market produce. She initiated direct sales to retailers ahead of her competition. She also has a background in graphic arts and design which led to a successful line of organic clothing in the early 90s. Regan was a pioneer in the organic clothing industries as she launched one of the first successful all-organic clothing lines. Regan is a founder partner in Urban Foods and oversees the brand management and design concepts. She is the creative force behind the graphic design, and product innovation for both the Superfood Bites and Sunkin Seeds.